Principal’s Message

Welcome to

 Franklin School of Innovation

 March 2020

Dear Franklin Families,

We are living in unprecedented times. With so much uncertainty in our daily lives, we are well aware of the importance of feeling connected to one another.  In fact, we believe that a strong connection to your school community is vital to helping our children feel safe and reassured.

We encourage all members of the family to be involved in the learning process and understand that many families are rearranging their new normal to accommodate jobs and work schedules that have also shifted.  During this transition to home learning, please connect with us if you or your child/ren are experiencing difficulties. You will continue to have access to counselors, support professionals, teachers, and administration.

Take Care of Yourself and Your Family

  • We know each family is unique and may be presented with difficult issues. Your teachers and principals have the latitude to make good decisions for your families well being

We miss our scholars! Please take a minute to share our video with your children so they can see their teacher!

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to an exciting year at Franklin School of Innovation!  It is my pleasure to serve our community as the Principal of this wonderful school. I am truly passionate about serving our students in this Belmont Community.  The staff and I believe that we must create a school culture that fosters high expectations in both behavior and academics.  We are anxious to meet you and your child. It is a sincere privilege for us to share in the growth of your scholar, and we are committed to providing a positive educational experience every single day!

This school year you will notice many positive changes. The staff will be implementing several new programs that we can’t wait to share with you! We welcome back staff members who have been integral to the fabric of this campus, and we welcome new members who are sure to play an important role in the success of our students.

Parents/Guardians, you are a vital part of the Franklin team as well! You are your child’s first teacher, a partner in his or her education, and a critical factor in achievement. Your positive attitude about school will lead to the development of a life-long learner. We also hope to involve more community members in our educational journey this school year.  

At Franklin School of Innovation, we know we cannot do our important work of educating your scholar without you. It is our job to understand that students need and want to know what is expected of them.  We know that consistency and clear, high expectations are major factors in providing a positive learning environment. We expect students to be at school promptly, attend regularly, follow school rules and perform academically at their potential.  As parents/guardians, 
you expect us to provide a quality instructional program that will give students the tools to be responsible, productive adults in society. We can do this with your cooperation and support.

Our Vision:

The vision of Franklin School of Innovation is to develop and enhance academic, social and personal skill that prepare students to be ready to enter the next level of their education.  We will accomplish these three components by creating a safe, rigorous, and engaging learning environment through blended learning, extended learning opportunities, and Advancement through Individual Determination (AVID).  Franklin scholars will be college or workforce ready to meet the demands of the 21st century.

Our Mission:

At Franklin School of Innovation, our mission is to provide the highest quality of education for all students fostered by a cooperative effort between home, school, and community.

As we embark on this exhilarating new year, please take the time to review the school handbook with your child and learn more about our school, systems, and curriculum.  You can find the handbook on a link to the left under "Parent Resources"   Additionally, you can view our calendar on this page on a top link.  Please feel free to stop by and introduce yourself and discuss your child or children with me. My office is always open to parents and students. Children are the top priority at Franklin School of Innovation. We look forward to working with you and your scholar in laying the foundation of their educational career. 


Mrs. Dana DiTomaso-Junkman, Principal