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District 60 Grading Practices

posted Oct 12, 2020, 11:24 AM by Dana Ditomaso-junkman

Pueblo District 60 

Grading and Participation K-12 Guidelines for Families - 2020-21 School Year

Although the instructional delivery model has been adjusted to meet the COVID-19 health and safety guidelines required during the 2020-21 school year, D60 Board policy IKA Grading/Assessment Systems procedures remain in place. 

It is important to acknowledge that synchronous and asynchronous online learning is new for the majority of D60 K-12 students.  Therefore, consistent with the beliefs outlined in Policy IKA, whether the instructional delivery model is online or in person, the following grading guidelines will be in place for the 2020-21 school year:

  • Students are expected to engage in learning and complete tasks and assignments in a timely manner.   Students should promptly communicate with their teachers when there is an issue or delay in completing an assignment.

  • During online instruction, students should respond to teacher prompts, ask questions, and share ideas and thoughts just as they would in a regular classroom.  

  • During a lesson, students should reach out to their teacher with questions or when they are uncertain or unclear about an assignment. 

  • Assignments and tasks assigned by the teacher reflect what a student knows and is able to do.  Parents/ Guardians  should refrain from “solving” or completing assignments on behalf of their students.  Instead, they should allow students to first attempt assignments independently.  This will help the teacher to understand the strengths and challenges in learning for each student and to adjust instruction accordingly.

  • Teachers will grade assignments and assessments in a timely and consistent manner and the records of individual students shall be kept in a form meaningful and easily accessible to students, parents/guardians as well as the teacher.

  • Students will receive feedback on classroom assignments, writing drafts, homework, and/or other academic practice opportunities in order to build their capacity and understanding prior to formal assessments of learning.

  • Every attempt will be made to provide students with the opportunity to make up work due to absence, technology related difficulties, and internet connectivity issues.  Within reason, this may include extending due dates and/or assignment modifications in response to a situation for an individual student.

  • Reasonable extra support will be available upon request for any student who is struggling with synchronous and/or asynchronous learning lessons. Students should contact their teacher.

  • Proactive Intervention and extra support will be provided to students in danger of failing any course in advance; this may include opportunities to retake assessments and resubmit assignments, papers, and projects in order to demonstrate mastery of content and standards prior to final report card grades being submitted.

  • All RtI and READ Plans, IEP and 504 goals and accommodations as well as Gifted and Talented ALP and CLDE goals and modifications will be implemented in accordance with their plan to the extent possible.

Students succeed academically when they receive the collaborative support of their parent/ guardian, and teacher.  During this challenging time, we can help our students to achieve success by working together to implement these guidelines and procedures.  Thank you for supporting your student!